Kohimarama Tennis Club particpates in the Tennis Auckland Interclub programme. The Club is fortunate to have a strong representation in all the levels and competitions. If you are interrested in playing Interclub we will be able to slot you into an appropriate team.

For all competitions members will be advised by email when registrations are open, a closing date will be advised by which registrations must be in. From this teams will be drawn up and captains advised in case of any changes and the teams are then entered into the Tennis Auckland System.

Competitions on offer throughout the year are:


There are two Auckland Senior Interclub competitions running throughout the year.

Summer Interclub runs approximately from September until March/April each year, breaking over the Christmas/New Year period. Winter Interclub runs approximately from May to August each year. Teams are split into grades of up to 12 teams, playing round robin matches every other week.

  • SCARBRO Caro Bowl   Womens team

  • Singles Caro Bowl Reserve/1st Grade/Open Grade 

  • Doubles Ferrier Cup/Presidents Open Grades

  • Super Tennis Mens/Womens

  • Twilight Mens Singles/Mens Doubles/Womens Singles/Womens Doubles.Twilight Tennis is a midweek men's and ladies' competition which is separate from the main Saturday Interclub competition and is additional to the total Interclub allowance for each club.

  • Season Dates

    November to April 


    Mondays and Tuesdays 6.30pm


    Club Courts

    Winter Outdoor Mens Singles/Mens Doubles/Womens Singles/Womens Doubles         

Midweek Ladies

Midweek Ladies have two Interclub competitions that run throughout the year.


Midweek Ladies Lead-In Interclub

Teams will be graded into sections of a maximum of eight teams. Each section will play a round robin. The team with the highest number of points in each section will the winner of that section.


Season Dates

Early October to December 


Mondays and Tuesdays - 9.30am




Midweek Ladies Summer Interclub

This Championship shall consist of:

Promotion Relegation grades named: Championship 1, Championship 2 and Open 1.  These grades shall be restricted to eight teams per grade. Entry into these three grades will be determined from the previous seasons results.  

Open 2 and below.  Team composition shall decide which grade a team plays in, based on the total of their four named regular playing members doubles Configure Ranking points at time of entry.  (The number of grades will be dictated by the number of teams entered to fill the required seven or eight teams per grade).

Season Dates 

February to   April 


Mondays and Tuesdays 9.30am


All participating Auckland Tennis Clubs and Tennis Auckland Association Venues



Competition open to all ages from beginners through to 18 years covering a range of abilities. This is a fantastic way for your children to experience the team and competition environment.

There are 2 Auckland Junior Competitions playing a round robin each week.

  • Pre Xmas - October - December

  • Post Xmas - February - April

Both competitions are split into grades, Championship, Open and Beginners grade.


  • Saturdays 8.30am Open Grade

  • Saturdays 12 noon beginners

  • Sundays 9am All grades


Games are played both at the clubs home courts and over a range of other club courts plus the Scarbro Tennis Centre and ASB

Note for parents:

Junior teams require a parent team manager to ensure that their team is kept well informed and to assist with co ordinating transport and players for each weeks game. There is also a requirement to assist with scorekeeping and entering results. Full support is provided for this from the Club Office and we would encourage you to get involved with your childrens team.



Junior Carobowl

The Scarbro Junior Caro Bowl provides competitive Interclub for those juniors of a high level. The competition is not suited to all levels but is for those players who have reached a certain level.

The contests are played at the Scarbro Tennis Centre creating an atmosphere for all players to enjoy and to achieve a high quality competition environment, the field is restricted to 18 teams.

Eligible players must be 18 & years or under All players must also have a Configure Ranking with a Grading of S7 and above.