Adult Group Lessons


How to Book a Group Class

All booking are going through the BOUNXSport app.

Click Here to learn how to book.



Group Sessions: 1hr


Cardio Tennis: 1hr

Single Class: members $23.4, non members $27
8 week course: members $160, non member $185

Single Class: members $15, non-members $18

Group Sessions 1.5hrs Single Class: members $30.6, non members $35
8 week course: members $210, non members $240


Adult Classes:

  • Beginners - Mondays 6.30-7.30pm  

  • Intermediate/Advanced - Tuesday 6.30-8pm

  • Beginners/Intermediate - Thursday 9.30-11am  

  • Cardio Tennis - Monday, Friday, Sunday - 9-10am


Private Sessions


How to Book a Private Class

Contact Rick Healey on 021 286 1598 to book in for a private lesson.


  • Half hour lesson     $40
  • 1 hour lesson          $75
  • Teams or small group up to 4 people who would like a private lesson please discuss with the coach requirements and cost




https://youtu.be/8wOKFLlrM5E.    Slice backhand

https://youtu.be/1_j81LH56Jg.     Eastern forehand

https://youtu.be/hOAzq9D9_Xc.    Various volleys . At you, wide, low

https://youtu.be/mLLu4gWPr48.    Doubles part one

https://youtu.be/zXoyrduwVVM.    Eastern forehand volley

https://youtu.be/J1oC2_C-EBY        Two handed topspin backhand

https://youtu.be/2J_mUL6fTuY      Volley with continental grip

https://youtu.be/pg7kqqkoXcw      Footwork 1

https://youtu.be/bKocLDCK5gI       Footwork 2

https://youtu.be/jCC4Z-8uy14        Footwork 3

https://youtu.be/pg7kqqkoXcw       Singles Strategy