Mondays 7pm    Tuesdays 7.15am     Wednesdays 1.30pm    Thursdays 7.15am & 6.30pm   Fridays 9.15am

A fun work out giving you a stronger, longer.leaner body, feeling energised and wanting more.

Bookings essential   10 week course $160

Contact 09 965 3011 www.bodywisepilates.co.nz


TAI CHI    Wednesdays 11.45-12.45pm

Welcome to Tai Chi and Qigong 18 New Zealand

Tai Chi and Qigong are forms of low impact exercise and  suitable for all ages, a form of exercise to increases stamina, and improves the body's flexibility, balance and coordination , as well as teaches you to relax and improves the flow of your inner energy, ( Chi ) Tai Chi consists of a series of slow, balanced movements. Tai Chi is the most widely known and is practiced by one in five of the world's population.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has recognised the physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi for hundreds of years, and it is now becoming increasingly common for Western doctors to prescribe it for treating stress, illness and injury.

With regular practice, you can learn to direct your own body's energy for self-healing. At a deeper level of study, Tai Chi is also an ancient and very effective martial art

Instructor: Diana Lau  dianalau60@yahoo.com



Meet in the club rooms on Tuesday evenings at 7.15pm. Play commences at 7.30pm for 2 hours.

Table charge is $2.00 per session

Contact Randall: 09 528 0503



FITMums Kohimarama (indoor/outdoor)

Thursday 9.30am with Karina Balle


Thursdays 9.30am - 10.15am from May 5th 2016 for 10 weeks. 

A mix of interval, core, pilates, boxing, resistance and cardio training for 45 minutes!

Meet at the Kohimarama Tennis Club

Depending on the weather we will either use the Club house or head outside. Bring your Bub!

Our postnal and health and fitness programmes will help guide you back to looking and feeling good, while our personal training experts will ensure you do so in a fun, motivating and supportive environment.

Contact: info.fitfitfit@gmail.com




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